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Friday, July 04, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages

Should people be fashion-conscious?

The subject of fashion and whether or not it is important is not new. There are two sides of the subject. I wonder whether people should be fashion-conscious or not.

There are some people who believe that it is very important to be fashion-conscious. Firstly, if people are in fasfion, they will get more confidence in themselves. Secondly, dressing in certain ways can give a woman a better silouette, show the parts of herself she likes most and hide those she doesn´t like. Also, if people wear styilish clothes, they can couse others to take them more seriously at work.

On the other hand, others feel that the clothes someone wears is not important at all. In adition, people may feel uncomfortable physically because they have to wear, for example, uncomfortable shoes. Also, fashion can be expensive when that money could be needed to help society. Finally, children can be pressured by fashion to wear clothes that are not in agreement with their age.

On the whole, there is something to be said for both points of view. Several people think wearing fashionable clothes is a form of art. In my opinion, we shouldn´t be too fashion conscious because we could be pressured by fashion and get hurt.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Composition: Biography

Gustavo Petruzzi was born in 1990 in Capital Federal. He has got a father called Roberto and a mother called Claudia.
His chilhood was funny and beautiful.
He has won several football competitions. He is an excellent student at Matulaitis High School.He studies a lot. The person he admires is Rocky Balboa. He has seen all Rocky´s movies.
Currently, Gustavo hasn´t got any plans for the future.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Writing a formal letter

World Wide Fund For Nature
Panda Huse
Weyside Park
Godalming Surrey

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to ask you for information to become a member of your organization.I am not a member of any organization and I would like to join.

I would like to know if there is a branch in my country and what kind of activities you get involved.

I would be grateful if you could tell me what members receive an if it is an independent organization.Also, how much does it cost to join? I am a student and I am sixteen years old.I am worried about pollution in my area and how this affects the ecosystem.

Finally, could you tell me when the work would be becouse I would prefer weekend work.I don´t have a lot of free time and that is the reason of my preference.

I look foward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Gonzalo Spelzini.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Wild Turkeys Gobble Up Suburb

Some animals adapt to suburban life.That is the example of wild turkeys of Connecticut.Turkeys are an opportunistic animal.They live in the suburbs because people feed them and don´t hurt them.Some species like turkeys, racoons and deer accomodate well to the suburbs because they are mobile and accustomed to humans.Now, in Connecticut, the wild turkeys rule the perch in some areas of town.

Wild animal

Monkey experience

One day last winter I went with my family to Parrot Jungle, a zoo placed in Tampa Bay, Florida. That morning we were eating our lunch when a monkey came to us. The animal stopped climbing the trees and came down. The ape was trying to steal our food but we gave to turn a banana. Finally, the monkey followed us until the and of our journey.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A pet

My cousin´s dog

Last year, my cousin found a dog in the street and looked after the animal all that year.The dog was so ill that he had to take it to the vet.The doctor gave my cousin some medicine for the dog.After two weeks, the animal was completely healthy and ready to go for a walk.

Exotic animals as pets

Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets?
Many people seem to look for exotic animals to keep as pets.I wonder whether this should be allowed.

Firstly, if people keep exotic animals as pets, they will be safe from hunters or predators.Secondly, if they keep exotic animals as pets, they will take better care of them.

On the other hand, exotic animals need their natural environment to develop their abilities and a normal behaviour.Also, keeping exotic animals as pets is illegal.We shouldn´t be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets because they need their natural environment to eat their food.Finally, exotic animals are endangered species and if we keep them away from their habitat, we could cause their extinction.

I believe thet we shouldn´t be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets because this species are rare in the world and the best way to improve their reproduction is keeping them in their natural environment.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jane Austen´s Pride & Prejudice
Major Characters
Elizabeth Bennet: She´s the second of the five daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Elizabeth is the most logical and intelligent of the Bennet´s daughters, and that makes her her father's favorite. Although Elizabeth is thoughtful and practical, she comes to realize that she is just as capable of letting her own feelings get in the way of her good sense as her feather-brained sisters. Elizabeth realizes her grave mistake when she understands that she has greatly misjudged both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham.

Mrs. Bennet: Mrs. Bennet is Elizabeth Bennet's pushy, ignorant, and embarrassing mother whose greatest aspiration is to have her five daughters married off.
Mrs. Bennet does not approve of Elizabeth's logic and practicality, and Elizabeth is her least favorite daughter.She´s selfish and a gossiper.

Mr. Bennet: Mr. Bennet is a country gentleman and Elizabeth Bennet's father.
He has very little interest in the duties of polite society or in raising his daughters.
He finds his wife and his three youngest daughters to be unbearably frivilous and silly, but Elizabeth and Jane (the oldest daughter) make him proud.

Mr. Bingley: Mr. Bingley is a wealthy, young bachelor who moves into the Bennet's neighborhood and triggers Mrs. Bennet's schemes to marry Jane off to Bingley. Bingley is fashionable, charming, and kind, but he and Jane don't get together right away because of a misunderstanding.

Lydia Bennet & Wickham: Lydia is the youngest Bennet girl, and she is the biggest flirt as well. Lydia chases the soldiers quartered in Meryton and follows along when they move to Brighton. She and Mr. Wickham are forced to marry after Lydia runs away with him expecting to become his wife although Wickham has no such plan before Darcy pays him off.

Mr. Darcy: Mr. Darcy is Bingley's best friend as well as a very wealthy, handsome, and proud bachelor. Darcy is viewed as rude and conceited by all the inhabitants of Meryton as well as Elizabeth Bennet. But through a strange course of events, Elizabeth comes to learn that she was wrong about Darcy, and they fall in love with each other.

Jane Bennet: She´s the Bennet´s oldest daughter. She is practical like Elizabeth, but she is kinder and more understanding. She is most beautyful than her other sisters.Jane is greatly hurt when Bingley rejects her, but she overcomes her pain and the two of them end up together.

Mr. Collins: Mr. Collins is Mr. Bennet's cousin who will inherit Mr. Bennet's estate when Mr. Bennet dies.
Collins is a pastor for Darcy's aunt's parish, and he is a pushy, obnoxious man. He considers himself more important than he really is because he works for Darcy's wealthy aunt, but the Bennet family dislikes him because he is long-winded and boring.

Mr.Wickham:He´s a charming con-man who convinces Elizabeth that he was greatly wronged by Mr. Darcy, although things are actually the other way around. Elizabeth initially likes Wickham, but the more she learns of his true character, the more she realizes that she has been wrong. Wickham ends up marrying Lydia after they run away together and Darcy pays Wickham off to marry Lydia to save her family from disgrace.

Strange but true

Strange but True
Max and I felt so sad when our grandmother died, so we had to visit our family in the state of Florida.We had to travel 1000 miles to visit them. At first, everything was OK.
At night, the road was so alone and dark. Some hours later, we realised that someone was behind the letter mile. This person had been signs all the night-said Max. We stopped the car and suddenly a light shone off our heads.
Then, a force rose us.We awoke the next day in the middle of nowhere. Max and I had some scars in our hands. We didn´t explain anything. A man told us that we were in Tampa, Florida.
Then, we travelled some miles and arrived at our destination.
Eventually,our family explained to us that we had seen an alien in the road and an UFO(Unknown Flying Object) had taken us.We had been paralized all that day.

Jane Austen´s Pride & Prejudice
Chapter 7: Mr. Collins makes a Proposal of Marriage
At breakfast, Mr. Collins asked Mrs. Bennet to speak privatly with Elizabeth. She accepted and all her doughters, except Lizzy, went out. Then, Mr. Collins mades a proposal of marriage. Lizzy didn´t accept. This attitude didn´t benefit Mr. Collins and Mr. Bennet´s family. Elizabeth went out the room. Mrs. Bennet ran inmediatly to Mr. Bennet and told him about Lizzy´s attitude. She asked him to talk with Lizzy and told her that she musted marry him. Mr. Bennet took Elizabeth and he said that if she married with Collins, he will never see her again. Lizzy could not smile for this conversation. Cgarlotte Lucas came to spend the day with them. Me. Collins´s attentions were now turned to her.